Pro-modified '05 V-Rod - and possibly the only V-Rod Bagger/Tourer currently in NZ

Custom brackets - painted and clearcoated for a perfect frame match support a Road Glide fairing
ISO Floor Boards and lockable panniers house trick recessed LED turn signals
Custom fender fills the gap between bike and bags seamlessly
Signed custom paint in classic HD colours is a total class act

Very quick, well balanced and ..
an absolute joy to ride !

Porsche developed v-twin makes 120+ hp
Powerplant growls nicely through the SuperTrapp .. and pulls like a teenager to 9000 rpm !

Call it what ya want - a V-Glide, a Road Rod, even a V-Bag
... this is ONE SWEET BIKE !


Sold with min 3 months REG and a fresh WOF
Flexible finance options available

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